The Washington Strategic Center

The Washington Strategic Center produces professional and highly effective multimedia campaigns, which integrate all areas of direct marketing (i.e., direct mail, direct response television, direct response radio, Internet, social media, telemarketing/telelobbying, affinity marketing and direct response/public relations -DR/PR) to increase your organization's profile.

Research has shown significant increases in response when different types of mediums are used to communicate with members and prospective members. When coordinated with targeted direct mail, a multimedia campaign utilizing news releases, direct response television, direct response radio and electronic commerce can prove exceptionally effective for educating the public and Congress on issues. The Washington Strategic Center specializes in launches of new organizations and projects, including concept and strategy. We have 15 million direct response names under management, including Building that Shining City list. Here is what we do:

For Lobbying Groups:

We can assist with the conceptual framework and strategy needed to accomplish the mission.

For example, we conducted the fundamental legislative and marketing research to determine the vulnerabilities and political weaknesses of the program, and then utilized targeted direct mail in conjunction with television, radio spots and phoning to educate and mobilize a grassroots coalition (500,000 strong) to defeat Hillary Clinton's health care plan on behalf of a nonprofit lobbying group.

The Washington Strategic Center assists in concept and strategy and then creates and implements multimedia campaigns that can help get your message out to the right public.

For Political Campaigns:

The Washington Strategic Center consults on political strategy, assists in securing funds and designs direct mail fundraising and Get Out The Vote efforts for political campaign.

For example, we have been recruited to develop strategy and build multi-media campaigns for Presidential and senatorial candidates. We formulated and implemented a plan that combined direct mail with phoning, TV & radio ads, space ads, and the Internet to produce a third place finish for a little known candidate in the Iowa Caucus, and sustained respectable showings right up to the convention, raising approximately $15 million for the campaign. Although most GOTV direct mail does not raise money and is not designed for that purpose, our Maxi-award winning packages netted an additional $500,000 for the campaign.

Public Educational Campaigns:

We develop programs that educate the public utilizing fully integrated multimedia campaigns.

For example, the Kurdistan Development Corporation Ltd requested a plan to educate the American public and to attract business to invest in Kurdistan, "the other Iraq." We developed a program to educate the public utilizing fully integrated multimedia campaigns.

We have been campaigning for a strong Kurdistan, as an answer to the chaos in the Middle east for several years.